2nd – 27th April

"Searing, heartbreaking, triumphant” - Sisonke Msimang


Daphne Kuhn and Lesedi Job present 



directed by LESEDI JOB

2nd – 27th April 

A gripping, uplifting and dramatic adaptation a new book, BRUTAL LEGACY, is now being created!  The play is based on the book by former television anchor and radio personality, TRACY GOING and her story of survival, inspired by her memoirs. The new South African production will preview on the 2nd April and premiere officially on the 3rd April at Sandton’s Auto & General Theatre on the Square. It will be directed and adapted by award winning theatre maker LESEDI JOB with a cast including “Scandal” TV star NATASHA SUTHERLAND, CHARLIE BOUGENON and JESSICA WOLHUTER.

When South Africa's golden girl of broadcasting, Tracy Going's battered face was splashed across the media back in the late 1990s, the nation was shocked. South Africans had become accustomed to seeing Going, glamorous and groomed, on television or hearing her resonant voice on Radio Metro and Kaya FM. Sensational headlines of a whirlwind love relationship turned horrendously violent threw the "perfect" life of the household star into disarray. What had started off as a fairy-tale romance with a man who appeared to be everything that Going was looking for - charming, handsome and successful - quickly descended into a violent, abusive relationship. The rosy love-cloud burst just five months after meeting her "Prince Charming" when she staggered into the local police station, abused and bruised.  A short relationship became a two-and-a-half-year legal ordeal played out in the public eye.

Women abuse in South Africa has reached endemic levels. This is why four influential South African women (Tracy Going, Lesedi Job, Natasha Sutherland and Daphne Kuhn) have come together to recreate Tracy Going’s story of abuse into a theatre play. The objective is to empower, inspire and enlighten – and to maintain the momentum of the discussion around women and child abuse. The production team is planning to hold regular Q & A sessions after the play with key members of the team.

BRUTAL LEGACY is a “must-see” production, dramatic and heart-warming but simply an uplifting human story of survival and triumph.

The production is proud to announce its media partner, KAYA FM.

Bookings can be made with Computicket (0861 915 800 or Tickets can also be reserved by calling the theatre on 011 883-8606. Enquire about group discounts for schools, women’s and special interest groups, corporate and book club outings.



30th April – 25th May

Back by popular demand after rave reviews in 2018


Daphne Kuhn and 360 Degrees Production House proudly present the return season, by popular demand of

Written by Australian playwright DAVID WILLIAMSON

30th April – 25th May 2019

Directed, designed and co-produced by MEGAN WILLSON

ODD MAN OUT is an international unconventional romantic comedy by Australia's most prolific playwright DAVID WILLIAMSON. The South African production enjoyed a sellout season at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square last year, garnering rave reviews and a Naledi Nomination for Daniel Janks for Best Actor. The production is directed by award winner MEGAN WILLSON (CEO of 360 Degrees Production House) and stars Daniel Janks, Ashleigh Harvey, Michele Levin and Russel Savadier. The lighting is designed by Denis Hutchinson and the set by Megan Willson.

Alice and Ryan meet on a bus, and are quickly drawn to each other. They have little in common, except for a shared desperation to become coupled up. Alice is sensitive about her biological clock running out of time, and Ryan is fearful of loneliness. They work hard to create a union, and in Odd Man Out, it seems tough grind is the key to success. Alice marries the straight-talking Ryan, but soon discovers that he has Autism Spectrum Disorder (Aspergers).

The main theme of the play is a couple dealing with the fact that one is naturally socially adept and one isn’t quite so good at that — and that’s where a lot of the comedy comes from. It’s a touchy subject for a light comedy but Williamson makes the most of things - packing the evening with plenty of laughs – but at all times thought provoking and empathetic. 

ODD MAN OUT is a cerebral play filled with wit and warmth which runs for 4 weeks opening again on the 30th April with a preview. Bookings are now open at Computicket (call 0861 915 800 or online or can be made by calling the theatre on 011 883-8606. There are group discounts for schools, corporates and special interest groups - and dinner show packages can be made by arrangement with some of the upmarket restaurants on the Nelson Mandela Square.



18th June – 6th July

Fast-paced, multi conventional, full of pun and intended meaning, CALL US CRAZY is essentially an hilarious comedy




Written & Directed by JOSIAS DOS MOLEELE
Fast-paced, multi conventional, full of pun and intended meaning, CALL US CRAZY is essentially an hilarious comedy that sees South Africa laughing at itself. Fast paced and multi-conventional, full of pun and intended meaning!

The play tells the story of a disillusioned road construction worker, Oompie, whose mission is to tar all the roads in the world. Having worked for the same construction company over 27 years, Oompie breaks ranks with his colleague in a huff, after concluding that they work for an ungrateful and chauvinistic employer.

While Oompie's dream to tar the world sounds like an impossible and idiotic idea, a finer line of an ambitious character emerges as he succeeds in opening his own construction company, which he aptly calls Vuka! Africa Road and Paving Construction Company!

The play gives humorous, flash-glimpses of South African life in the townships, urban and rural areas, unconvincing parliamentary debates, challenges in government and more uniquely South African scenarios.


JOBE (1)

28th May – 15th June

This fascinating, entertaining and performance-centered play, is based on the original biblical story of JOB.




Why do bad things happen to good people?  When life is going smoothly, faith is easy. The test of faith always comes when life stops making sense.

The play “JOBE” is the story about a man who goes through adversity and pain, and longs for an explanation and counsel as to why his world has been turned upside down?

According to the Biblical tale, this counsel is revealed in a dramatic life changing dream/vision that hits his beliefs to the core and those of his friends and his wife’s.

This fascinating, entertaining and performance-centered play, is based on the original biblical story of JOB. The play was nominated for Best South African Script.


Nik Rabinowitz in DRY WHITE

16th - 20th July

After a sold out season earlier this year, Nik Rabinowitz returns in DRY WHITE for a one week run.


After a sold out season earlier this year, Nik Rabinowitz returns in DRY WHITE for a one week run.

In Dry White, NIK RABINOWITZ decided to explore the water crisis for his new show. Mostly because everyone thought the drought in Cape Town was going to last forever. Spoiler alert: it didn’t. Now Nik will be forced to discuss other stuff too, which is a good thing because he feels like Jo'burgers didn't care thaaat much about the drought anyway. Some additional topics include: love, marriage, infidelity, transphobia, staying woke post forty, and whether the land should be given back. Just kidding, what white person wants to discuss that?!
It’s gonna be a riot!


Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon

Sunday 7th April

featuring the outstanding South African jazz singer, Ms. Wendy Allen-Twyford and her quartet.


Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon continues at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square on Sunday 7th April with a showcase concert featuring the outstanding South African jazz singer, Ms. Wendy Allen-Twyford and her quartet.

Concert producer Tony Yoko says “Jazz fans are in for a treat when Wendy takes to the stage with her unique arrangements of popular jazz standards, Latin rhythms and more, performed with pizzazz and flair !

‘The Jazz Showcase’ also includes the talents of the outstanding tenor saxophonist Phil Holder, plus the brilliant jazz pianist Roland Moses, and the new kid on the block bassist Amaeshi Ikechi, with the veteran jazz drummer, Tony Yoko … a swinging session not to be missed !


Navi Redd fundraiser for A New Hope Dog Rescue

14th July @ 15:00 - tickets are R200 - More info call Shanene on 0833345250

This is a fundraiser for A New Hope Dog Rescue Centre


A New Hope Dog Rescue’s story starts with the dream of one passionate woman, to help those who cannot help themselves or speak for themselves ……. mom, dog lover, and passionate rescuer, Liv Stirling.

A New Hope Dog Rescue started in 2015 with only 10 dogs and has evolved into a substantial family-run dog shelter and registered NPO located in Kliprivier, Midvaal, Gauteng. We endeavour to break the mould of the “typical” shelter by providing large, social runs for the dogs in our care, and the opportunity for them to be as much a part of a family as possible. Due to our unique set-up most of the dogs are able to experience sleeping inside, many for the first time in their lives. Township Rescue and education is also a key priority for us. A New Hope Dog Rescue is a pro-life shelter – all possible steps are taken to rehabilitate the dogs in our care, and to find them homes suitable for their temperament.

Due the aforementioned approach, as well as the excellent conditions at the shelter, A New Hope is the preferred shelter for many vets and rescuers. The success of the shelter has, unfortunately, come at a price. Whilst the number of adoptions have doubled over the past year, so the number of dogs being taken in has quadrupled (and more) over the years. Many of these with serious medical conditions and terrible histories of neglect and abuse. Sterilisation is also considered critical and is absolutely non-negotiable for any dog that enters the shelter; we work with some exceptional vets to further this purpose.  However, it all adds up to a tremendous amount of money.

The shelter is 100% funded through private donations and Liv’s salary as a travel agent, meaning that there are times when this exceptional family has to go without food on their own table to ensure that the dogs’ bellies are full. We need funding from the public, and in order to be operational we rely solely on the support of our community and our amazing volunteer pool.

Times are tough at the moment with the PurPaws fire disaster where we took in roughly 70 dogs overnight to care for these voiceless fur children, we currently have approximately 170 dogs in our care – that excludes the 15 dogs currently in foster care for which we remain financially responsible. We use approximately a ton of dry food a month; in addition to soft or raw food for the dogs with specific dietary needs due to medical conditions, or old age.


Let’s face it, men singing acappella has never been an unsightly occurrence…and these acappella “rebels” bend all the rules and regulations of this genre.

“Acappella” of course meaning:  No musical instruments, no back-tracks…Using nothing other than their brilliant vocal chords and astounding microphone techniques.

Navi Redd is an a cappella group with a sting in its tail and its repertoire includes anything from Johnny Clegg to Kurt Darren, Rolling Stones to the Bee Gees…

Since the group’s inception early in 2004, Navi Redd has been amusing crowds all over South Africa, and has grown to be loved by the public and widely respected by all involved in the corporate entertainment industry … A cappella for the people!

Theatre supremo Richard Loring has the following to say about Navi Redd:
“Navi Redd is one of those rare breed of artists who combine a spellbinding mastery of vocal sounds with captivating originality. This is seen in their innovative ideas in marketing and reaching younger and newer audiences in the music market in South-Africa.Their vocal expertise and passion for their work, make them especially marketable in the South African Industry, where audiences have not been exposed to their work. I believe that Navi Redd is one of the most exciting, accomplished and promising vocal groups to emerge from South Africa…”







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